Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arriving in Asia

Some cities sprout. Hong Kong erupts. 

After 15 hours of flight, the plane begins to descend. Outside the window I can see the volcanic granite hills of southern China. Suddenly, the city appears: shards of buildings blasting skyward between narrow mountain cracks. How so many buildings can fit onto such a narrow strip of land, between such jagged mountains and narrow causeways, is beyond me. The old Hong Kong airport used to be smack dab in the middle of this madness; as soon as the runways were in sight, the plane would drop sharply, leaving your stomach behind. The new airport is outside of town; Hong Kong gets hidden behind a peak as we land.

A blast of warm, humid air as I deplane reminds me I'm in Asia. And if that were not enough, the intoxicating smells emanating from the airport food court drive it home. Rich noodle soups layered with subtle notes of chicken, peppers, ginger, star anise... And that's just the airport food court! I want to eat everything in sight, but force myself to the gate for my two-hour layover, remembering that Bangkok too has its culinary pleasures. Note to self: return with an empty belly. Soon.

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  1. Holy Macro, Halito! I only knew you in the context of an inveterate funster (usually at Nassim's parties, or at your own, at Agua Verde, years ago), and had no idea you could write like this! Vivid, fun descriptions! Superb choice of words! Compelling reading! I foresee the possibility that as you continue to have fun posting stuff here you will also gather all the necessary components for turning this blog into a travelogue like no other! Take care, =======Ricardo.