Friday, May 8, 2009

Bangkok Breakfast

Find the street stall that has all the people. If the stall is on a street corner, its popularity may be a function of location, so to be really sure, find something in an alley. If people are milling about, sitting at tables, and chowing down, you know you're about to experience something good.

Go up to the fat lady at the wok and smile. Stick your nose inside the wok, lift the lids to peer inside the pots, don't be afraid. She knows she's got you. She's pushing the good stuff, and you're already on the hook.

Point at whatever you want to eat and sit down. Today's breakfast consists of two courses. The first course, a sweet roasted pork dish served over rice with a tangy, ginger-chili oyster sauce, is sublime. The pork melts in the mouth. The second dish is even better: a thick fish-maw soup with molasses notes and a deep scent of black mushrooms, sprinkled liberally with cilantro. The woman indicates for me to add chilis to taste. I've died and gone to heaven.

I wash it down with a coke I don't even bother to finish. The total cost comes to 68 Baht - about two bucks.

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  1. do they deliver to pittsburgh?